Monday, 3 October 2011

Thoughts about using Amazon S3

Amazon is appropriate for both new and previously developed material is being migrated. Again static web content is easier to migrate.

Integration with tools such as Google Analytics and WebMaster tools is relatively simple, especially if you start by adding Google Analytics first (you can use the Google Analytics account) to verify the web account.

Things to remember
Uploading files is relatively easy but I have been caught a couple of times:

  • First way, and the most embarrassing, make sure the links actually point to the links within the Amazon site. It is fairly easy when migrating the site across in one go to have links to the 'old' site.
  • slightly less embarrassing is when you upload the files you need to change the permissions to make public. It can be done late by right-clicking on the page in the AWS Management Console and selecting make public. 

Adding users
Other users can be given access to the website by using the permissions. This can be found by going to the list of buckets and right click to get permissions.

Add new permission and enter the email address of the new person with the appropriate permissions set. They must have an AWS account set-up first though.

How long is it going to be free for? 

This work has been supported by funding from JISC. The site can be viewed at or Survey about this material can be found at: please feel free to fill it in or

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  1. Hi,

    If you need to upload very large files to Amazon S3, or if you need to upload a lot of small files with support for resume, you may consider using desktop based tools like S3 Browser Freeware.

    It allows you to perform multi-threaded uploads of large files with support for resume.

    Or it can help you upload a lot of small files simultaneuousely via multiple working threads.

    Pro version allows you to speed up uploading process even more.

    Also S3 Browser provides you an easy way to share buckets with another users and it can create IAM users automatically.