Thursday, 24 March 2011

Google Sites for sustainability: Week 3 progress

A Google Site has been started at site as in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Starting Page

One of the areas that has been focussed on setting up the services menu as can be seen at the moment the image links to pages with their content missing.

Figure 2 Starting page

Problems found and addressed.
Google Sites is restrictive on where certain features can be placed, such as the main image on this page. The image on this page had be handled a little differently as well. It had to have it's own Google Gadget as an xml file and managed to recreate the colourful menu. It looks almost exactly the same as the original one. There was an initially a problem with the links but this was fixed by adding target="_parent" to every link. An area that is being worked on curent is the interactive map shown in figure 1 at the moment only a portion is being used.

This work has been supported by funding from JISC. The site can be viewed at or

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