Monday, 7 March 2011

Alternative Hosting Approach 1: Dropbox

The currently free Dropbox  provides an alternative place to store a website. But only if we talking about static content (ie. content which is not changed dynamically by PHP, etc but is basically HTML). Dropbox provides a public folder which can be view by one with the appropriate link.

First we need to copy the site, so we have local copy on our own machine. This can be done using the method as an example shown in  the earlier blog entry Caught it.

Next, we need a Dropbox account. Go to and you should see the following:

Click on the download button and follow the instructions. You will need an email address. We actually on need the Typical setting.

This will add a piece of software to machine. With a little box icon at the bottom of your screen, if we click on this we see the files and folders in the dropbox, open the public folder, now.transfer files over to public folder

Go to the dropbox website and log-in

Then do

Step 2:  Right-click[control-click for a mac] this home page file, then choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. This copies the Internet link to your file so that you can paste it somewhere else.

Example: for the East Midlands Knowledge Network


This work has been supported by funding from JISC. The site can be viewed at or

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