Monday, 30 November 2015

How to automate a visual regression test | Web design | Creative Bloq

How to automate a visual regression test | Web design | Creative Bloq: "Kevin Lamping shows you how to automate a test that will check your site's UI.

One of the biggest nuisances when releasing a product or feature are regressions in your codebase. Some functionality that was working just fine two weeks ago is now broken – and it's always the client who discovers the problem. Without automated testing, you're doomed to either:

Spend too much time manually testing functionality for every change
Run a greater risk of unknowingly breaking existing functionality
Despite this knowledge, many of us don't bother writing automated regression tests, as we feel it's just too much work to set up and maintain. Luckily that's changed. We can now write fairly comprehensive tests using a technique called visual regression testing.

Regressions occur when functionality stops working as expected. Usually this happens after a code change, but it can also occur due to changes in page content or time-based conditions (e.g. daylight savings messing up alarm clocks)."

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