Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Alex joins the project.

Example of Alex's previous work

Previous work

The resource Your Degree in Computing: Making it Work provides materials that are designed to help computing students:
  • Link work placement and academic study
  • Be aware of skills gained through specific study activities, and how they are relevant elsewhere
  • Improve planning, problem-solving and presentation skills
  • Think actively about  personal and academic development, in relation to your future as a professional in computing
  • Record concrete examples they can use in applications for jobs, placements or further study
  • Gain experience in applying these skills in different situations, through paid or placement opportunities
  • Broaden your career options by providing information, case studies, contacts and resources 

The resources can be found at: http://pdp.northampton.ac.uk/computing/index.html

This work has been supported by funding from JISC. The site can be viewed at https://sites.google.com/site/emknorg/ or http://www.web-sustainablity.net/emkn/

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