Sunday, 19 January 2014

No Money where my mouth is!

Three things came together I wanted a new personal web site, ideally with blogging options; I don't want to pay for it; and I have been blogging about some of these tools, issues, for and around sustainable website so I want to do another site.

Which tool?
There are a variety of tools of that could have been used (  but I went for because of the reasons mentioned in previously postings; but essentially I am not web designer and I wanted something quick with a reasonable URL. 

What did I find new to me?
  • Actually integrating it with Google Webmaster was easier than I had expected - essentially follow the instructions:

  • Creating a blog was very straight forward -  add page and select blog. 

  • Adding a post is simple as well but I found a little different to the instructions on the Weebly site ( but close enough. Once you click on new post on the blog you need to drag an element from the side (such as a text block) and that is about all that is different. Actually in the Weebly beginners guide there is a good article ( takes through all the stages of starting the blog to writing the first post.

  • Add RSS feeds as straight forward. The hardest (and that wasn't hard) was getting the right number of columns so that it looked ok. Actually adding an RSS feed in each of columns was just a matter of following the instructions and having the RSS's URL. 

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