Friday, 21 February 2014

RDInfo - a sustainable source of funding knowledge


The RDInfo Project is aimed at transitioning the world-class RDInfo knowledgebase from a vulnerable Department of Health (DH), National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) grant supported position into a sustainable institutionally supported model. This involves transfer of the current web platform into the Leeds Information Systems Services (ISS) infrastructure from a private host site and the creation of a sustainable subscription based service. The business model is based on the assumption that access to the service if fully funded through partners can be made free to (University of Leeds funded) and (DH/NIHR funded) registered users but on a paid subscription basis for other users and institutions both National and International. The JISC funding is being sought to provide for the technical transition and will form part of a portfolio of funding from major sponsors including the University of Leeds (UoL), DH, Association of Medical Research Charities, The Welcome Trust and subscription income.

Details can be found at:

From JISCs Sustaining 'at risk' online resources: Projects to transition “at risk” resources to new sustainability models to ensure their on-going availability and use and to build up sustainability case studies and practice for others to learn from.

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