Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Get the site out there: Sitemaps

Once the site is moved on to a free site or is in effect a sub-domain on another site how do we get the message out that here it is?

One of the ways is the Sitemap a list of the locations on the site as an example:


The easiest way I have come across is a XML sitemap generating tool with a limit though of 500 items. A XML file is produced which you add to your site. 

An interesting feature about this site,as well as being free, it has some extra tools (  for sending your sitemap to the Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo and a submit your site ( which sends it to a number of sites. How effective these are I will wait and see.

Another good tool is WonderWebWare SiteMap Generator ( to use it it you will need to download it, but the limit on number of items is much higher.

With a Google Webmaster account it is even easier you register the new site and and then click site configurations on the left of the screen, sitemaps and then add the new sitemap. 

This work has been supported by funding from JISC. The site can be viewed at

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