Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sustainability and legacy

Sites like The East Midlands Knowledge Network (EMKN) site are worth saving for many reasons (including but certainly not exclusively: return on the investment both in terms of money and time; and as an information source). The site "The Universities of the East Midlands contain an enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise but it’s not always easy to navigate to the sources of support that could make a real difference to your business. The East Midlands Knowledge Network (EMKN) website will help guide you to the broad range of services that are available to help grow and develop your company." EMKN (2011)

The 'rescued' sites can also be later be taken over by others at a future date or taken as a starting for similar site.

Perhaps one that is not immediately clear is their value in their own right as a record. Even if these sites are never added to, maintaining them means potentially a snapshot of the activities of partnerships, issues, the kind of activities carried out is available for future use. Websites when combined with blogs, social networking, and comments often provide a rich source of archive information - if you like providing a digital legacy. A recent article by Sumit Paul Choudhury (New Scientist, 23rd April 2011) discussed this digital legacy from a point of view of personal websites, blogs and social networking. I think though it also applies to the legacy of organisations and projects, providing more than just the content that is explicitly on the site but perhaps details of how particular subjects were viewed or geographical areas of expertise. 

Potential applications: Archaeology for the future? or an addition that could provide a richer detail for a family tree?

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