Saturday, 11 June 2011

Search Engine Optimisation for sustainability: Images

One of the hope for goals of the project is to make it easier for search engines to find the site, especially one of the key features of the site - the nicknamed 'Tube Map' which can found at

This map provides a route through the services the partner universities provide. 
"The services are divided into eight categories, or tube lines. You can navigate these by clicking on the menu of services above, or by looking around the map, and clicking on the tube stops. This will reveal the services that our universities offer, along with contact details and case studies." EMKN website

So one of the elements that has been consideration to improve the chances of picking this important feature of the site,  is using image maps instead of Flash from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) point of view.

Two key reasons for moving over to an image map instead of an interactive flash version:
1. Searchbots  such as Google searchbot can't see the contents of flash which the original maps.
2. Every link in the image map is HTML and can also have a description relevant to the link included which also can be seen be the searchbots.

So the Flash version has been replaced with an imagemap.

If you would like to see the Tube map click here.

An interesting blog on this area can be found at:

The site can be found at:

Survey about this material can be found at: please feel free to fill it in or

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