Friday, 29 July 2011

Initial Survey: Tube Map and would you use this site

A central feature of the site is the 'Tube map',  a graphical representation of the services on offer.  So a survey of these features on the site was carried out.

Overall the respondents were satisfied or held no strong views with they way it looks.

People seemed reasonably happy with the ability to find what they wanted on the site.

Most people either thought the layout was right for them or didn't have strong views either way. From those that disagreed there were not further comments to help find out what the problem was.

Most people thought they would use the site. The person that stated they strongly disagreed went on to say "Site contains lots of useful info that I was not aware was available" and on all other aspects of the survey had been positive about the site.

These are results are indicative only as the sample size is small (10 respondents)

When asked improving the navigation of the tube map

   1. I do use the Tube Map, as it has some excellent inforamtion, links and contacts etc Would be open to seeing this retained and or further updated and developed so that it can be a really interactive tool.
   2. the use of colour assisted the ease of locating services/institutions
   3. Perhaps a search box on this page that users could use to quickly locate the item on the map would complement the site.

This work has been supported by funding from JISC. The site can be viewed at or Survey about this material can be found at: please feel free to fill it in or

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