Thursday, 16 August 2012

public funded web resources - sustainable?

Should all the web resources produced during a publicly funded project be required to store them sustainably?

By sustainably I mean that:

  • Hosting option should keep the resource on-line after the money for the project or organisation is no longer available;
  • Ownership the resources can be transferred easily;
  • Content should be relatively easily transferred either to other sites or archived in an accessible way.

I think the answer is yes and possibly it should be part of the funding criteria. We are talking about using a scarce resource public money, to get the best value for that money if a resource has been developed using that money it should be available for those who paid for it. If a resource was worth investing in, why wouldn't it be worth something later. The nature of the resource may change with time, possible going from a resource about current activity to be a resource of historic interest.

A JISC funded project "Sustaining "At Risk" Online Resources" in 2011 invested in three projects looking at moving "At Risk" web resources to more sustainable forms.

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