Monday, 22 February 2016

How to use the top ES6 features today | JavaScript | Creative Bloq

Taken from: How to use the top ES6 features today | JavaScript | Creative Bloq: "The sixth ECMAScript specification was finalised in June 2015, and there is now a flurry of JavaScript features coming our way. You can start using these features today, provided you know the right tools for what you want to do. In this tutorial I'll be covering the most exciting new features, as well as a couple of different ways you can start using them in your projects right away.

Understanding the new language features, and how they can be used, will help you decide whether to adopt ES6 or stay in the ES5 camp. You may want to be on the bleeding edge and consider ES6 a critical addition to the productivity of your team, but it comes at the cost of you and your team taking the time to learn ES6.

To date, no browser has 100 per cent coverage on ES6. The specification is still fresh, and implementations are under active development. Relying solely on today's JavaScript engines means you'll find many ES6 features don't work, are only partially implemented, or are completely missing."

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