Saturday, 2 April 2016

5 Top places to look for related content

I have a variety of places I use when reading around for this blog but I would like to highlight the five best.

1. Creative Bloq (
In particular the web-design part of the blog. The articles can well written with a strong practical flavour, and written by practitioners for practitioners. 

2. (
This is a three-in-one source from Moz and yes they are promoting their product but that is ok, they provide some insightful posts around Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing. Both are important for sustainable websites - if people can't find the site you have a problem. Earlier I described it as a three-in-one site, there are three blogs there all very much worth a read.

3. RazorSocial (
Again it is promoting services; but it does provide a nice collection of easy to read articles in a similar vein to Moz.

The original project that started all this work and the blog would have happened with funding from JISC ( They also have some great resources on open access and open data (

5. Ariadne (
A online journal for Information Professional that has many articles on open-access. The also have published articles on making the web sustainable (

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