1: Introducing rich cards

A new Search result format building on rich snippets.

2: New Search Console reports

A new report in Search Console to help developers confirm that their rich card markup is valid. 

3: Real-time indexing

 Instead of waiting for content to be crawled and indexed, publishers will be able to use the Google Indexing API to trigger the indexing of their content in real time. 

4: Getting up to speed with Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP, an open source effort to speed up the mobile web. Google Search uses AMP to enable instant-loading content. 

5: A new and improved Structured Data Testing Tool

The tool is now tightly integrated with the DevSite Search Gallery and the new Search Preview service.

6: App Indexing got a new home (and new features)

We announced App Indexing’s migration to Firebase, Google’s unified developer platform. 

7: App streaming

 Android users can try out games without having to download and install the app 

8. Revamped documentation

Organised the documentation around topical guides.